How to read your bill

How to read your Residential water and sewerage bill

As a Yarra Valley Water customer, you are sent a bill once a quarter (every three months). Each account is broken up into different sections, covering account details, charges, and how to pay.

The first step to managing your water and sewerage bill is to understand what you're paying for.

Watch our video below that explains how to read your water bill.  If English is not your preferred language, please visit Diverse Languages where you will find this video in our top 19 languages.


Or use this quick reference guide to help you read their water and sewerage account.

Account details

The account number is the number Yarra Valley Water assigns to your property.

The invoice number is unique to each and every bill.

The total due is the total amount of the bill.

The due date is the date when the bill must be paid by.

The address is your property address.


The account summary lists all the charges that make up your bill.

Charges comprise of:

  • Usage charges, or the cost of how much water you use. This includes a water usage charge (a table shows ‘step pricing’ based on water used throughout the last quarter) and a sewage disposal charge (based on an estimated volume of sewage discharged from the property).
  • Water supply system charges, which contributes to the cost of operating and maintaining all of the infrastructure that deliver water to your home.
  • Sewerage system charges, which contributes to the cost of operating and maintaining the infrastructure that removes and treats household waste.
  • The Waterways and Drainage Charge is collected quarterly on behalf of Melbourne Water, which manages Melbourne’s water supply catchments and removes and treats most of Melbourne’s sewage.
  • The annual Parks Charge is collected on behalf of Parks Victoria, which is responsible for managing an expanding and diverse estate covering about 17 per cent of Victoria.

The water meter number shows various readings since you last paid your bill.


The payment summary shows the balance of your account and the amount due. You can compare average daily water usage to previous quarters.

There are plenty of options for payment:

  • BPay through your bank or over the phone
  • Direct debit can be arranged by logging on to Yarra Valley Online Water or calling 13 1721
  • Send a cheque in the mail
  • Pay by credit card phoning 1300 362 332
  • Visit Australia Post
  • Post billpay at
  • Your bill can be deducted from your Centrelink payment by calling Yarra Valley Water on 13 1721.